Top 10 Chests of Drawers for your Storage Needs

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A chest of drawers is a cabinet with several parallel, horizontal drawers placed one on top of the other. Traditionally, chests of drawers have been manufactured and used for keeping clothing, particularly underwear, socks, and other items that aren’t generally hung in or stored in a closet. They are used to store anything that would fit within and can be placed anyplace in the house or elsewhere.

To keep your room appearing tidy and put together, you’ll need the appropriate chest to store all of your folded clothes and accessories. La Maison chests provides a beautiful selection of striking Hampton style chests of drawers to complete your home’s decor. This one-of-a-kind collection combines the storage of a chest of drawers with the elegant Hamptons aesthetic. If you’re looking for a new chest, we believe these 10 highly rated chests are among the greatest options.

It fit everything you need, in its 8 spacious drawers. It is constructed of wood. This is a white wooden chest of drawer. It features a huge tabletop that may be used for decoration. Four of the eight drawers are tiny, holding up to five pairs of folded slacks or ten t-shirts. 10 pairs of folded jeans or 20 t-shirts can be stored in 2 medium drawers. The remaining two large drawers have enough room for 15 pairs of folded jeans or 30 t-shirts. Its design is simple and classic, and it goes with everything.

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  • MORENO Chest Chalk

The Moreno is an immediate classic because to its elegant lines and exquisite contrast of finish. The commode’s sleek characteristic brass handles are definitely a work of art, making it a great focal point in any space. It features five large drawers. This antique chest of drawer is ideal for storing your belongings.

A chest from this collection is a must have in your house! Its traditional and timeless design will never go out of style, and it will blend with practically any décor. 5 pairs of folded jeans or 10 T-shirts can be stored in 2 tiny drawers. Up to 15 pairs of folded jeans or 30 T-shirts can be stored in four spacious drawers. Drawers are easy to open and close, and they include a soft-close function. It includes hardware for securing furniture to the wall.

  • FREJAC Chest Chalk

The Frejac Chest is a beautiful way to add extra storage to your house without sacrificing design. The Frejac modern Chest of drawer is a versatile and vintage wood piece with four drawers on runners and simple yet elegant details.

Greetings, industrialists! The dark brown wood and black and brown legs will make this item exactly what you’ve been looking for to finish off your bedroom. Because of its tall metal legs, vacuuming and cleaning will be a breeze. It includes four big, easy-to-reach vintage chest of drawer.

The BRIMNES chest of drawers will be a modern pick to keep all your clothing, whether you’re searching for a new dresser for your room or you want to construct an economical bespoke closet. For a more seamless appearance, pair two or more together. There are three spacious drawers that are easy to open and function smoothly.

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MALM comes in five various colors, ensuring that you obtain the appearance you want in your home. It’s created up of genuine wood veneer. It includes 6 spacious drawers that can contain up to 15 pairs of folded pants or 30 T-shirts in the big drawers and 5 pairs of folded pants or 10 T-shirts in the small drawers.

This chest of drawers will bring the minimal yet modern touch to your closet or bedroom, and if you have more room, I adore their ASKVOLL series nightstands and larger chest of drawers that complement well. Because of its height, it may be used in tighter locations. It comes with five smooth-running drawers that can contain five pairs of folded jeans or ten T-shirts.

  • Graco Brooklyn 3 Drawer Chest  

This three-drawer chest has a traditional style that would look fantastic with other wooden items. A total of five hues are available, including white, espresso, and black. As a consequence, you should have no trouble matching it to the colors of your bedroom. It is made of a combination of pine and composite wood. Drawers contain safety stops that prevent them from being completely pulled out.

  • Dakota Pass 4-Drawer Chest

This is a four-drawer piece that looks great in most bedrooms, and it’s one of those little dressers that adds a bit of contemporary flair to a conventional design. Each drawer’s front stands out. A horizontal hardwood strip runs down the middle of each, with a pair of little knobs for the drawers.

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