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Often a bottle of drinking water feels inconvenient when brought as a lunch. The reason is, drinking water bottles usually have a large size and often take up a lot of space in the bag.

Now you don’t have to bother anymore, a new innovation presents a drinking water bottle that makes it easier to carry drinking water as a provision. Uniquely, this bottle has a flexible size and can be folded and put in a pocket.

For those of you who like to do outdoor activities, of course, bringing food and drink supplies is a main requirement so that you can survive, but sometimes bringing eating utensils or bottles for drinking water sometimes makes it difficult for you because it takes up a lot of space. Having a drinking water bottle will make it easier for you to carry it when it’s not filled with water. It can be folded and doesn’t take up much space.

This collapsible drinking water bottle is very practical and easy when you want to take it with you wherever you go. As well as supporting anti-global warming because in addition to the environmentally friendly materials, by using this bottle, you also reduce the addition of used water bottle packaging waste. This bottle is suitable to accompany your daily activities.

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Collapsible drinking bottles are actually not new. there is a water bottle that can be deflated with polymer plastic material.

Collapsible water containers are not the first folding drinking bottles on the market. The price is relatively more expensive. So why is this product so popular? Apparently, besides being practical to carry, this product also has many uses other than to accommodate drinking water.

Collapsible water containers can be used to hold hot or cold liquids. In addition to drinks, this bottle can also be used as a hot or cold compress. Collapsible water containers can also be put in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher.

In fact, collapsible water containers can be used as containers for solid objects. The muzzle can be removed, so that a rather large object such as a cellphone can fit in. Perfect for protecting your cellphone from water in the rainy season!

Don’t be afraid of being damaged, Collapsible water containers will return to their original shape even though they are often folded, cooled, or heated. This product is BPA free, so no harmful chemicals are released. Collapsible water containers are also antifungal.

This type of collapsible water container can also be used for various activities, ranging from school supplies, morning runs, mountain climbing, vacations and many more, besides being easy to use and not taking up space, this collapsible water container also looks attractive and simple.

don’t hesitate to use a collapsible water container, because this will facilitate your need for more space for other purposes, choose a collapsible water container that suits your needs, a collapsible water container now you can get it easily.

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