6 Ways Your Business Can Go Green


Over the past few years, it has become clear that the earth is in dire straits. Decades of pollution and unsustainable activities have taken quite a toll on the planet, and it surely is high time that we step up to the challenge and do our best to be sustainable.

For businesses, being sustainable is especially important. But not every individual or organization can start being fully sustainable at once. However, it is important to start the journey towards sustainability.

Here are six easy ways through which you can ensure that your enterprise or organization is heading towards a sustainable future.

1. Use Eco-Friendly Packaging – Did you know that plastic packaging material, like packing peanuts, wraps, etc. are some of the major reasons behind plastic pollution in oceans and landfills? With the increase in online shopping and selling, the requirement for packaging has skyrocketed, which is extremely harmful. So, stay away from such materials, and instead opt for eco-friendly packaging, which is biodegradable. A lot of people are concerned about package safety and consider eco-friendly materials to be less effective, but that’s a myth. There are several new forms of eco-friendly packaging materials that mold to the shape of the package and provide excellent protection to your items.


2. Go Online – Going paperless is a concept that more and more organizations are embracing, and rightly so. If you haven’t done it yet, you should definitely do so now. The amount of paper that is used for billing, record-keeping and more, is extremely wasteful and hardly serves many purposes now, in the digital era. Going paperless is not only sustainable but also contributes towards organizational efficiency. In case it is not possible to go fully sustainable, opt for recycled paper and writing materials instead of buying office paper.

3. Use Waste Disposal Companies – Every organization, no matter how big or small and regardless of which industry they are in, produces quite a bit of waste. This can be in terms of paper waste, packaging waste, waste that emerges in the manufacturing process, and more. Disposing of different types of waste calls for different procedures. You cannot dispose of all the various kinds of waste materials by just one process, and if you are doing it, stop. It’s a very bad practice and it can be extremely harmful to the earth. Instead, contact waste disposal companies who can assist you in this matter. You can also take the help of websites like http://businesswasteguru.co.uk that connect you to a waste disposal company best suited for your organization, based on the information you provide them.

4. Promote a “Green” Atmosphere – Another great way to work towards an environmentally sustainable future is to create a “green” atmosphere in your company and brand, through small actions. For instance, initiate a recycling campaign, where consumers can give their old products, and depending on how much they provide, you can give them a new product. You can even establish a point-driven loyalty program based on this concept. Similarly, in your office environment, you can promote sustainable behavior amongst employees and staff by removing disposables, reducing waste, and rewarding environmentally conscious behavior.

5. Donate To Charitable Causes – While you are working on becoming more sustainable, you can take this opportunity or journey to donate towards organizations and charities that are actively working towards environmental betterment. You can even establish a trend, where a certain percentage of the annual income goes towards such organizations. Alternatively, you can also start a fundraiser or a donation drive and match a certain percentage of every donation that comes in, and donate the money towards activities or organizations that contribute towards improving the environment.


6. Get Certified – Many people don’t realize this, but many of the manufacturing processes that their business or company is involved in, aren’t as green or environmentally safe as they thought.  That’s why it is important to get “green” certifications, which ensure that the activities that your organization is involved in are safe for the earth. There are numerous kinds of certifications available, such as the Green C certificate, B Corp Sustainability, and more. This is also important because if you undertake activities that call for public or consumer support, you need documentation and proof that shows that your organization is doing its best.

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