50+ Cheap & Easy To Make Halloween Bats Decoration Ideas


Do you know what the biggest entertainment for Halloween is? It’s to create haunted attractions for your house. The pumpkins and bats prove great for this purpose; they fuel the event like nothing else. Bats are the creepy ones that usually hang down from something. The Halloween Bats Decoration won’t fly around your house? Speaking of which, the following are some crafts that your kids can get involved in to create the perfect haunted attraction. Bellow we share 50+ images cheap and easy to make Halloween decorations bats ideas.

Bottle Top Bats

Bottle Top Bats Halloween Decorations
We are starting with the simplest bid. You won’t need a long list to make this, just find the bottle caps from around your house and paint them black. Afterwards, craft their wings and make them into groups. You can hang them wherever you want. Used bottles can be up-cycled and turned into beautiful home decor pieces.

Bat Craft with Cardboard Tube

Halloween Bats Decoration Craft
Reach out to the spare toilet or foil paper roles and create some hanging bats. You will need the body, legs, and wings. Use the cardboard tube as a body, paint it black, add eyes and smile on it. Now attach wings at its back and legs at the bottom.

Hanging Foam Bat

paper bats entrance door Halloween Hanging Foam Bat
This is one of the geeky Halloween Bats Decoration. This is yet another hanging bat craft which is made with foam paper cutting and a pair of googly eyes. You just need to cut a bat shape from black colored foam and add details like eyes, smile and legs do this, and you have the perfect Halloween Bats Decoration hanging outside.

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Paper Plate Bats

Tree hanging Bats Decor
This one is a bit tacky! You will need two paper plates to make a bat. The first plate will be wings; you need to cut those half in two in bat-shaped wings, just use zig-zag cutting. The second plate will be a body, just add eyes, eyebrows, and smile at the bottom. Now attach the wings and you have your bats.

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